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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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[ laughter ] >> all right. i can't even think of the song to help you out. ♪ jasper baby). >> that does it for us. >> the man the president wants to run the c.i.a. defends his role in america's use of drones to kill terrorists. this is "special report" >> good evening, i'm chris wallis. he had to deal with the uproar today over two controversial tools in the long war on terror. enhanced interrogation of suspects and the use of drones to kill american targets. john brennan faced a senate panel in his bid for the top job at the c.i.a. chief congressional correspond sent mike emmanuel tells to us did not take long for the fireworks to start. good evening, mike. >> good evening. i should note the hearing just
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wrapped up, but john brennan has been in a unique position, answering for techniques used in the bush war on terror and obama insider on the use of drones to kill terrorists, a hearing that got off to a bumpy start. >> they won't tell congress what country we are killing children -- >> please. >> john brennan's confirmation hearing was interrupted five times by code pink protesters before the room was cleared. brennan has taken heat from liberals as architect of the obama drone program and its kill list. today he told lawmakers killing terrorists is not ideal. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible so we can illicit the intelligence from them in the appropriate manner so that we can disrupt terrorist attacks. >> since closing gitmo has been a obama priority. they've done more killing than capturing. they tried to calm the outrage by agreeing to show members of the intelligence committees the justice department's memo
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justifying targeted killings with drones. but today white house press secretary jay carney said there are no plans to share with other committees or outside groups. liberals say more must be done. >> i have become concerned the department of justice is not following through with the president's commitment just yet. >> on another controversial issue, the benghazi 9-11 attack. gop senator fired this warning shot. >> it is absolutely essential that the documents the committee has requested on benghazi be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. >> critics say since leaving the c.i.a., brennan tried to have it both ways, telling the "new york times" in january 2010, quote, i was somebody who did oppose waterboarding. i opposed different aspects of the enhanced interrogation program. but there was some aspects of it that i concurred with. senator john mccain is asking brennan to prove it. >> i think you'd have to explain what techniques, where they were able to work and why some
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technique which is are also in violation of the gee into he have a conventions are okay, but there are others are not. and so i think there is a lot of questions out there for mr. brennan. >> after leaving the c.i.a. in november 2007, brennan defended the enhanced methods saying they have, quote, saved lives. today brennan offered this explanation. >> i had expressed my personal objections and views to my agency colleagues about certain of those eit's such as water boarding, nudity and others where i professed my personal objection to it. but i did not try to stop it because it was something that was being done in a different part of the agency under the authority of others. >> another key question has been high profile leaks which critics say were strategically done to make mr. obama look tough. brennan says he's not the subject of a probe or target. he's a witness. chris. >> mike emmanuel on capitol hill, thanks for that. the confirmation vote fort next
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defense secretary was held up until the current pentagon chief agreed to answer questions about last september's terrorist attack in libya. today a senate panel got to question leon panetta, national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us not everyone was satisfied with what they heard. >> based on time, distance and alert posture -- they wouldn't have gotten there on time. >> time, distance, the lack of an adequate warning, it takes hours to be able to respond. >> defense secretary leon panetta and joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey explained why the military couldn't do more to save the lives of ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, tyrone woods and glenn dougherty in benghazi on september 11. >> united states military, as i've said, is not and frankly should not be a 911 service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world.
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>> republican senators weren't satisfied. >> did you know how long the attack was going to last, secretary panetta? >> no idea. >> well, it could have lasted for two days. any airplane launched anywhere in the world before the attack was concluded? >> if you're talk being a aircraft, no, senator. >> your response, general dempsey, are very inadequate and in my opinion, the same kind of inadequacy for the security which you provided at that consulate. >> they wanted to know what the president knew and when he knew it. >> sew didn't ask you what ability we had in the area and what we could do? >> no. >> did you have any further communications with him that night? >> no. >> did he ever call you that night to say how are things going? what's going on? where is the consulate? >> no. >> during that eight hour period d the president show any curiousity about how is this going? what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there was no question in my mind the president of the united states was concerned
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about american lives. >> with all due respect, i don't believe that's a credible statement if he never called and asked you are we helping these people. what's happening to them? >> dempsey admitted he had seen the cable that ambassador chris stevens wrote to the state department warning the benghazi consulate could not sustain an attack. senator graham wanted to know why secretary clinton testified she never saw that cable. >> i don't know that she didn't know about the cable. >> she said she didn't. >> then -- >> are you stunned that she didn't? >> i would call myself surprised that she didn't. >> senator mccain asked about the u.s. providing weapons to the syrian opposition. >> did you support the recommendation by secretary of state, then secretary of state clinton and then head of c.i.a. general petraeus that we provide weapons to the resistance in syria? do you support that? >> we did. >> last weekend the "new york times" reported clinton and petraeus asked the white house
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last summer for permission to arm the veerian rebels. senator rand paul hinted last week that the annex in benghazi benefiting may have been involved in moving weapons from libya to syria via turkey. chris? >> jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. thanks. let's get reaction now from the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee, georgia republican sax by chambliss. you were busy in both hearings. let's start with the benghazi hearing. competent in a at that said the pentagon didn't have the intelligence or the assets to get to benghazi in time to protect those four americans who were killed. let's take a look. >> you can't just willie nilly send f-16s there and blow the hell out of a place without knowing what's taking place. you can't send ac 130s there, blow the hell out of a target without knowing what's taking place. >> did you find panetta and the chairman of the joint chiefs, did you find them persuasive on
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this point? >> not at all, chris. you know, to their credit, i understand this came about all of a sudden. but when i asked both of them, was this an intelligence failure, the response was interesting. what general dempsey said is, that there was an intelligence gap. i'm not sure i've ever heard that term in my 12 years of experience in intel world. certainly if they had had intelligence that this crowd was forming, that they had been planning this over a period of time, if the community had frankly done its job and given the information, they both agreed that they'd have been prepared to do something about it. but what really bothered me was the fact that general dempsey, through general ham, knew because -- >> general ham, over africom. >> they knew a request was made by chris stevens for additional security, that the consulate in benghazi was not secure. >> the april 16 memo?
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>> yeah. august 16. >> august 16. >> just a month out. and yet they took no action based on that. what they said is, well, we called up state department and they said we don't really need anything. you know, this is next to the commander in chief. this is the top military officer in the country. if he can't determine on his own that, you know, there is a lack of security there and we need to do something, then something is wrong with the is system. >> what do you make, following up on that, of how little contact, we heard the exchange with lindsey graham, that panetta and general definitely had on the night of devil while this attack was going on during the course of seven hours, how little contact they had at the pentagon with either the president or, and this was a diplomatic installation, the consulate in benghazi, with the secretary of state? >> well, i don't know what was going on in the minds of the president two months after the election, but i think it's safe to say that's where his focus was. did he care about the people? sure, i can't help but believe he did. but he wasn't focused on
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national security that night. and here, as senator graham probed, you know, this thing could have lasted two days and yet there was no direction by the commander in chief. there was no direction by the secretary of defense, nor the chairman of the joint chiefs to send any assets in to help these people. anywhere, whether it's a military action or whether it's a civilian action, we protect our people. we didn't do it here and there was a total failure on the part of somebody. >> let's turn to the other hearing, brennan confirmation hearing. you questioned him sharply this afternoon about the president's drone policy. were you satisfied with his answers? >> well, first of all, general is a very knowledgeable guy. he's been around a long time, when the c.i.a. for 25 years, now he's been with the obama administration as a national security advisor for four years. and while he was not the architect of the drone program itself, he has been the
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architect of the obama administration drone program. and i came away from there with the feeling that i had going in that there is a definite direction of not capturing these high value targets and soliciting information from them through detention and interrogation. >> but because he said that it's ideal or preferrable to capture them so you can get intelligence. >> yet when i asked him how many high value targets they had captured in the last four years on the obama administration, he dodged and weaved there. >> he said he would get back to you with a number. >> the fact is, i know what the number is. it's one. he allude to do it a little later in his testimony. we captured a guy, we put him on a ship for 60 days and sailed around in the ocean, interrogated him. you know, that's not a detention interrogation policy that can be -- >> brennan also, as mike emmanuel pointed out, seems to have been on both sides of the
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enhanced interrogation issue when he left the c.i.a. back in 2007, he said enhanced interrogation, writ large, save lives. on the other hand when he became part of the obama administration, in 2010 in an interview he said that he objected to parts of it. did he clear that up for you today? >> no, he probably muddied it a little bit more. look, i want to give mr. brennan the benefit of all the doubt. but the fact is it's one of those i was for it before i was against it moments. and he still got some clearing up to do. we know that he had access and information about the e.i.t. program and -- >> enhanced interrogation. >> and you know, he was involved in not the carrying out of the program, but he was the director of a different area that did not directly oversee this, but he sat in on meetings on a regular
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basis about the program. so we've got some follow-up yet to be done. we're going to have another hearing on tuesday and we'll probe a little bit more. >> where does the brennan nomination stand? >> well, there probably as many democrats that are not happy with him right now as there are republicans. i don't know. i know the president needs a c.i.a. director. i know that john brennan is a very knowledgeable person and we've got to just sift through what his answers were today and then -- >> did you see anything that rose to the level that would kill his nomination? >> well, i don't like the fact that he changed his opinion when it became a political appointee in the white house. i mean, the c.i.a. director has always been apolitical. politics play has role in everything in washington. we all understand that. but still, i don't want him to be in favor of a program for a period of time and then all of a sudden go into the white house
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and go against it just because he's in the white house. so we're going to have to probe that a little more. >> as you point out, the senate intelligence committee is going to have a classified hearing with him, closed door hearing with him next week. >> that's correct. >> senator, thank you very much for coming in today. >> good to be with you. >> the rebel offensive in syria's capital went on for a second day and there are remarkable stories tonight coming from syrian refugees who have escaped to turkey. senior foreign affairs correspond sent greg palkot went to one of the camps that is more like a large town. >> this massive refugee camp on the syrian border wasn't here a year ago. now it holds 13,500 people. and counting. all here are fleeing the escalating horror and bloodshed of the conflict in syria. people like this woman. her village was targeted by assad's force. she now lives in this container with her husband and eight other family members. they've been here for months. the regime army killed our boys,
6:15 pm
she said. shelled our homes, burned them and looted them. they did everything bad. it's made up of women and children. most of the men stayed in syria. some fight in the free syrian army. like mohammed, he put his wife and kids in the camp. we go to syria for 20 days, he says, come back and see our family for two or three days and then return. our fighting is near aleppo. this is one of the better camps. tight security helps already shell shocked refugees feel safe. they're also fleeing to other places. all told, nearly 800,000 refugees outside syria, millions more displaced inside. this makes for a huge humanitarian problem. the u.s. has contributed $365 million in aid. this is fast becoming a political problem fort countries near syria. >> the economic and seen the security burden on some of these countries is going to grow.
6:16 pm
>> politics is never far from the minds of those that the killers camp. most blame one person. syrian president bashar al assad fort suffering. including young father here. what would he like to see happen to assad? >> i think he should -- he must leave his chair for other people to come after him because he is not good for the syrian people. >> there are 16 of these sprawling refugee camps in turkey alone. four more are planned. the way to war is going, they will be used. greg palkot, fox news. >> what some folks will do for love. that's later on the grapevine. up next, cops on both sides of a manhunt in southern california
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>>. >> chris: a massive manhunt in southern california, police are looking for one of their own, a former lapd cop is suspected of going on a killing spree. adam housely is live in riverside, california, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the man a hunt for christopher dorner, not only in california but in the mountains specifically above the inland
6:21 pm
empire of southern california, that is where his car was found burned out. his truck was set afire and burned and fresh tracks found there. we have live aerials to give a look at the mountainous area as the sun prepares to go down. we have aerials not long ago showing one of tactical teams being brought in. they are searching for him as well as bloodhounds in a popular resort called big bear in southern california. this begin after a killing simply last sunday. this is the suspect, chris dorner, a former lapd officer relieved of his duties back in 2008. he started with the revenge of a killing of a woman and her fiance. then investigators say dorner tried to highjack a boat last nate. the killings happened on sunday and last night in san diego he
6:22 pm
tried to highjack a boat. he dumped along the way on a roadway and then not long after that he tried to ambush two lapd officers providing security in response to the killings in corona. one was only graze and they returned fire and other was not injured. 15 miles to the north, short time later two officers located in riverside wering is at stop light. they didn't know what hit them as he a.m. but that those officers and seriously injuring the other. at that point there will h been no sign for him. 2:30 was the last time anybody had seen him. then we can go back to the live pictures, up to the mountains of big bear, they found the car burned out. it is to be chris dorner's and lapd chief charlie beck spoke
6:23 pm
earlier today talked about the seriousness of the manhunt. take listen. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: a very scary. they took some time before they approached that vehicle thinking he might be up in the hills. he is a sniper and trained by police and the military and they are very concerned about what he may be willing to do. he said online that he is willing to kill anybody that gets in the way. >> chris: adam housley, thanks for that. if there are any breaking details we'll stay on top of the story. >> retail sales were up an average of 5% thanks to holiday price cuts. worker productivity fell at an annual rate of 2% in the fourth quarter of last year.
6:24 pm
that is biggest drop since early 2011. stocks were off, dow lost 42 and s&p 500 and nasdaq both dropped three. >> senate democrats are talking about a new proposal proposal to put off defense cuts for another three months but new fox polls show the senators and the president may be out of step with the public when it comes to spending and taxes. here is chief white house core responsibility ed henry. >> a feisty president obama was back in campaign mode. >> it will meaner people who have disabled kids suddenly having less help. >> slamming republicans and declaring he is ready to hit the road to sell the public on spending cuts and more tax hikes. >> is that an argument they want to have. that is an argument i'm more than willing to engage in. >> reporter: a new poll shows the public sharply disagrees with his claim that the federal government does not have a
6:25 pm
spending problem. 83% says it does have a problem and 14% say no. >> the american people will not accept another tax increase to put up a spending cut that the two parties have agreed to. >> reporter: nation security may be hanging in the balance. with the defense secretary leon panetta warring about the deep cuts coming on march 1st. >> this is will bad but damage national defense and compromise our ability to respond to crisis in a dangerous world. >> those cuts could mean a one month furlough for up to 800,000 civilian defense employees and he mocked leaders over news reports they are desperately seeking alternatives that could include other parts. >> they recognize the sequester is is a bad idea, but what they suggested the only way to replace it now is for us to cut social security and medicare and not close a single loophole. >> reporter: democrats are work
6:26 pm
on an alternate plan with coming up with fewer spending cuts and more taxes hikes by closing corporate loopholes. >> if we put forward a balanced replacement making sure that wealthy americans that have done very well and not had to sacrifice are part of a replacement package, that we can move this through congress. >> reporter: sequester battle carries high stakes for the president. fox poll found 52% say on the economy the worst is yet to come while 40% say the worst is over. rutgers survey found 25% of respondents believe that it will take six to ten years for economy to recover and 29% said it will never fully recover. >> the budget office says they expect an economic expansion down the road but the economy will stay below its potential until 2017, meaning after the president leaves office.
6:27 pm
>> chris: ed, thank you. >> much of new england is bracing for a snowstorm that one meteorologist says it could be one of the top ten in the region's history. experts are forecasting up to two feet of snow starting friday morning and lasting into saturday. airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights scheduled for tomorrow. the faa says it will permit boeing to conduct test flights on the grounded jets. the planes were taken out of service because of concerns about batteries. a top federal safety official said today the government should reevaluate its approval of those batteries. fact checkers, they call it on harry reid and a famous pianist tries to get old creatures to act young again. the grapevine is next. ♪ ♪
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>>. >> chris: and now fresh picking from the political grapevine. fact found harry reid was wrong by claiming, quote. that the american people need to understand it's nothing not as if we have done nothing for the debt. $2.6 trillion already we've made in cuts. all those cuts have come from non-defense programs. the fact check organization says only $1.4 trillion have the deficit reduction was in spending cuts. the rest came from tax hikes. a seven-year-old colorado boy has been suspended from cool for lobbing an imaginary grenade in order to save the planet. he did not threaten anyone but violated the school's list of absolutes which forbids weapons real or pretend. his mother doesn't think it's realistic important second graders but the school district
6:33 pm
tells the herald newspaper the story is more complicated than being portrayed. >> finally as the associated press puts it, no wonder they are in danger. galapagos for advertises aluminum period around while a pianist played getting them in the mood to mate. they did not appear to be aroused by his romantic style of music but they seemed to perk up for carrots. >> iran's leader rejected one-on-one talks about its nuclear program. tehran has found another way to provoke the obama administration. amy kellogg has more from london. >> iran just released footage it claimed it extracted from a drone captured in 2011. footage of the pentagon will not confirm if s authentic.
6:34 pm
not only can it reverse engineer and mass produce spy planes now but it's collected data from the sentinel surveillance craft it intercepted. as sanctions against iran are tightening. the supreme leader rejects joe biden's suggestion that direct negotiations between the two countries might be possible. >> i'm not a diplomat, i'm a revolutionary and negotiations can only be meaningful when the other party shows goodwill. when they don't show goodwill, talks are meaningless. >> u.s. is accused of holding a gun to iran but six powers which includes the united states is expected to meet the nuclear team next month. while the sanctions are hurting iran's economy they are not
6:35 pm
thwarting nuclear advancement. >> to make these advanced centrifuges, suggests they are moving fast ahead on their program. >> one note on the supreme leader's defiant tone, a top official recently told me that if iran wants to engage you, i it needs to abuse you publicly first. that provides a sort of political cover. that maybe what is going on here or maybe not. fact is elections set with june in iran, domestic situation may be too messy for any dramatic movement on the nuclear file. >> chris: amy, thank you. >> the president's choice to run the c.i.a. gets a grilling in the senate. fox panel breaks it down when we come back. ♪
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>>. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible. >> john brennan the president's nominee for c.i.a. director defending the grounds when the white house uses drone strikes to take out targets. steve hayes and nina ease ton and columnist peter waner. brennan faced questions on a number of fronts. let's take them one by one.
6:40 pm
big issue going in legal and ethical grounds for president obama's policy for ordering grown o drone strikes even against american targets. how did he handle that? >> he showed himself to be knowledgeable about that subject and i think about many others. he had intense questioning questioning from ron widen about that. in terms of the questions that were directed at him he answered them that was passable but much more difficulty was reconciling the difference between drone strikes and targeted killings on one hand and enhanced interrogations on the other. he didn't provide very good answers on en hangsed interrogations and the clear evolution of his position from 2007 when he said he thought enhanced interrogations saved lives and seemed to be supportive of them, even in the hearing when he was trying to
6:41 pm
explain that position, he basically couldn't. in fact he said my mind was changed by this report, senate democrats have put out, that he has read without any input from republicans, without any significant input from the c.i.a. i think it raised the questions, why is he soe taken with this partisan report when he was at the c.i.a. he was basing his assessment in 2007 on emails he was receiving in realtime about the program. >> chris: let me back up for a minute here. brennan worked for the c.i.a. for 25 years before he went to the obama white house to be the chief counter terrorism advisor. in 2007 just after he left the c.i.a. he said the enhanced interrogation program had saved lives but when he got to the obama white house he said he had reservations about it all along and had expressed them to colleagues. i took talked to senator
6:42 pm
chambliss and he said a team that brennan was being political. when he got a political job he took the political line and he is worried the c.i.a. should be outside of politics. >> also with your interview with senator chambliss, pren in an says he we would prefer to detain people rather than kill them and all but one person has been detained the drone program has gone on like this. i thought what was telling in the past c.i.a. directors and particularly leon panetta have made clear they are not going re-litigated this issue with personnel of the c.i.a.. he embrace this had report and very troubling. >> chris: some people that followed, the senate democrats put out a big report that in
6:43 pm
effect said enhanced interrogation, water boarding especially, didn't lead to any results. >> in the past, c.i.a. directors have been pretty protective of the agency saying whatever questions you have about this, they are going to be protective of the personnel. i'm not clear that is going to be the case with pren in an moving forward. on these other issues, he was lightning rod for drones which are super popular with the public. drone strikes rather than put american boots on the ground. it also avoids the difficult issue of what you do with alleged terrorists when you capture them. it is politically explosive issue and they can avoid that with drone strikes they are getting a lot of heat from the liberal left. >> chris: there was a number of questions in the hearing about national security. i was surprised there were so
6:44 pm
many questions about that leaks out of the obama administration during the height of the campaign which seemed worked to the political benefit of barack obama by making it look tough. take a look at this one exchange. >> it seems to me that the leak that the justice department is looking for is right here in front of us. do you disagree with that? >> i disagree with you vehement i conducted interviews with them and i am a witness in that as many other people are. >> chris: point he is making, he is a witness and note a targeted or subject. in effect he was saying he was off the hook and the justice department investigation of national security leaks. how persuasive was he in flat denials that he hasn't been involved in security leaks. >> it's hard to believe he wasn't involved. there were so many leaks that came out from the obama administration and cyber war
6:45 pm
against the nuclear facility and almost almost to believe that brennan wasn't involved in one way or another in those leaks. i'm glad that the committee pressed him on it. if you have somebody in the white house leaking classified information, that the security stuff, that is offense that is personally a breach of law. >> chris: we have to point out in fairness, he flatly denied he leaked information. >> he said it. i'm simply saying i would look very hard at it. i find it implausible. >> chris: what else struck you about the hearing today? >> there was one moment that will strike a bunch of people in the intelligence committee. when the issue of benghazi came up and one particular suspect in the attack who has had been held by the government over there for
6:46 pm
a long time. they basically rubio said does it bother you. brennan offered a very inconvincing answer, it's their government and their loss. anyway, we didn't have anything on him. that is direct quote. that is not my understanding at all and not the understanding of the f.b.i. who was very eager to interrogate him and not intelligence officials that were furious when he was released. >> chris: ten seconds, do you think he has done anything to jeopardize his nomination? >> i would suspect we get a lot of scrutiny particularly on the benghazi issue. >> chris: next up, horror stories from syrian refugees.
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. >> did you supported the recommendation by secretary of state, then secretary of state clinton and then head of c.i.a. general petraeus that we provide weapons to the resistance in syria? >> we did. >> you did supported that? >> we did. >> chris: now, that is interesting because defense secretary panetta and general
6:51 pm
dempsey saying they both supported arming syrian rebels. interesting part of this, we had known for some time that secretary clinton and david petraeus when he was head of the c.i.a. came up with this idea to arm and train the syrian rebels of the assad regime. what senator mccain elicited then secretary panetta and the then joint chiefs of staff also supported it but the president opposed it so it didn't happen. >> this is big news. the president rebuffed this plan. what has happened since this plan was proposed, not just in the months but in fairness dating back, that the u.n. represent i have to syria describes cities that looks like cities of berlin back in 1945. he has 60,000 syrians dead and
6:52 pm
700,000 refugees going up to million that can collapse jordan and lebanon. then you've got inside syria the rise of al-qaeda linked forces as part of that opposition. this is something that hillary clinton herself warned about a few days ago. by not stepping in, everyone agrees that say sad is going to go but we have not stepped in to shape the opposition and not only a viable force but a force that is valuable instead of al-qaeda linked. >> chris: but we don't know that necessarily they would topple assad or al-qaeda still wouldn't have a big role, but it raises the question. here you have panetta, dempsey, clinton, petraeus the entire national security team saying arm the rebels and the white house said no, why do you think not? >> and saudi arabia, britain,
6:53 pm
france and qatar they understood the importance. i think the president does not like to intervene in these kinds of things. i think also during an election he understood that the public was war weary and didn't want to take that chance. i think this is going to be a big mistake in retrospect. as nina said you've got 800,000 people displaced 60,000 that are dead. syria is linchpin in the middle east and it could spark a regional war. if assad fell and we were able to shape the opposition forces, this would be a big blow to iran. i think when the history books are written, this will be a big missed opportunity. >> chris: let me bring in one more thinking, greg palkot disturbing report where he went to a refugee camps on the turkish border. as nina said there are 800,000 refugees that have fled.
6:54 pm
it was really a small city, 13,000 people living like that. on the one hand, you understand the president and our country's reluctant to get involved in the middle east. >> that was a heartbreaking report. i think already is a moral stain on america. we didn't do anything. we stood by and particularly so because of the president's own words. he the is the president. he can overrule his advisors. that is his job. he is elected to make hard decisions. if i go back to the justification he used to support u.s. intervention in libya, a moral justification, first and foremost, back in march of 2011, he said that the united states would be shirking it's national responsibilities to brush aside america's responsibility and more profoundly our responsibility to show our fellow human beings would have been a betrayal of who we are.
6:55 pm
then he said some nations might turn a blind eye to these atrocities but the united states is different but apparently not. we're not. so we've seen more than 60,000 deaths in syria. at that time it was 6,000 in libya. >> chris: some people are saying 80,000 and it continues. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see how one little girl reacts to gangnam style. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> chris: finally tonight, it's the most watched youtube video of all time the korean singer psy singing his hit gangnam. mya is a billing fan even in her sleep watch how she reacts when the music starts playing in the car. [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ] ♪